Taking Coach to Sunway Lagoon is the cheapest way to travel

Sunway Lagoon, known as one of the biggest water theme park in Asia, has been the number one destination for Singapore travellers.It is located at Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya Malaysia, and it is only a 6 hours journey by taking coach to Sunway Lagoon from Singapore.


There are 5 major theme parks, namely Adventure Park, Wild Wild West, Water Park, Surf Beach and Elephant Walk. By visiting these parks, one day is definitely not sufficient as there are too many exciting things to play around there. If you bring your children along, they will have an unforgettable experience. Just besides Sunway Lagoon, it has the shopping paradise Sunway Pyramid. You can actually shop till you drop when you visited the area. If you cant  get enough of sun tanning and excitement in Sunway Lagoon, you can always plan your next journey to Sunway Pyramid. There is also a ice skating playground in the shopping area, making one of the few shopping center that has ice skating facilities.
To go to Sunway Lagoon from Singapore, the cheapest way is to take a bus there. First Coach Express, Aeroline Express are one of the few bus companies actually provide such services. As the journey takes slightly longer, hence, most of the bus actually comes with comfortable and spacious seats, together with in bus entertainement. Equipped with a LCD screen on the seats, you can definitely keep yourself occupied during the journey to Malaysia. Some coach companies actually provides food on board as well, so, you are pampered with choices of bus companies to choose from. Last but not least, the fare from Singapore to Sunway Lagoon can be as low as $36 for one way.

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