Riding Trishaw Best Way to Experience Malacca’s Historical City

Riding Trishaw Best Way to Experience Malacca’s Historical City

Malacca trishaw

Picture Source: melakatravel.com


Trishaw was once very popular as transportation in many places.

Once the evolution of Motor kicks in, many people changes the mode of transportation.

Although the existent of trishaws are very little but they are not dead and gone.

This made them more valuable and treasurable. We can still find them in Malacca.

If you are planning to visit the historical city of Malacca, taking the trishaw is the best way to look and see the whole.

This will help to beat the heat and able to go more distance and experience more of this beautiful piece of history.

Other than that, these trishaws are eye catching and delightful. They are decorated with flowers, light and some even installed music player to make the ride more joyful.

If you’re planning to visit Melaka in the near future, don’t forget to enjoy a trishaw ride.

(Most important: Make your trip more cherish and have more beautiful memories)


Check out the video below on the experience of riding the trishaw

Lastly, we respect the rider working under the heat for everyday to bring us around.




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